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Executive Assistant Job Description Template

Executive Assistant Job Description An Executive Assistant is responsible for providing administrative support to executive level staff in an organization. As a higher level position than an Administrative Assistant, the Executive Assistant will typically bring...

Receptionist Job Description Template

Receptionist Job Description Receptionists help support an office by serving as the first point of contact for callers and visitors, and handling general administrative tasks to keep the reception area and office running smoothly. Your Receptionist...

Office Assistant Job Description Template

Office Assistant Job Description Office Assistants, or Office Clerks, help an organization run more smoothly by providing support with typical office duties like scheduling, organization, reception, filing, and other daily company needs. Office Assistants, or Office...

Controller Job Description Template

Controller Job Description A Controller oversees the accounting department of a company and plays an important role in business functions such as payroll, taxes, financial reports, accounts payable and receivable, and more. While the Chief...

Bookkeeper Job Description Template

Bookkeeper Job Description Bookkeepers, or Bookkeeping Clerks, are given the important task of managing a company’s financial information.Your Bookkeeper job description will typically be your first point of contact with your candidate audience. How you...

What Is Video Interviewing? – A Complete Beginners Guide

Video interviewing is exactly what it sounds like. It replaces or supplements the process of in-person or phone interviewing with the help of technology, such as a software application, a web camera, and an interviewer.

Job Interview Questions For Employers

Position-based interview questions for your next interview.

Top 10 Video Interview Questions & Answers

Top 10 Video Interview Questions Explained There are only so many hours in your workday. Don't burn them interviewing unqualified job candidates.

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