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Copywriter Job Description

Copywriters are responsible for creating original written content for digital, print and broadcast channels.

Your Copywriter job description will typically be your first point of contact with your candidate audience. How you communicate the information in your job description will shape how potential candidates perceive the job duties, the value of the role to the company, the company culture, the organization of the hiring process, and the like.

In a competitive marketplace, you want your job description to stand out so the most qualified candidates will be intrigued and motivated to apply. It’s about making an awesome first impression, and simply throwing together a generic job description won’t cut it. By putting extra time and attention into how you research, draft, and post your job description, you can make a big difference in the quality of applications and resumes you receive back.  

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The job description template below will help you get started. Modify the template as needed to fit your particular business and job.

Copywriter Job Description Template

We would like to hire a talented Copywriter who will be responsible for creating marketing materials, direct emails, and product/service descriptions consistent with our brand and objectives. You will work collaboratively with our creative, marketing, and executive teams to develop strategies for reaching our target audiences with effective messaging via on-point channels of distribution. The content you produce must be original, highly creative, and supported by research.     

A qualified candidate will quickly be able to understand the requirements of each project, and offer advice for establishing project goals and anticipating outcomes. You will need to be able to manage multiple projects at once while meeting short deadlines. Our environment is fast-paced and often requires flexibility to work irregular hours. Submit at least three writing samples or provide a link to your writing portfolio to be considered.   

Copywriter Responsibilities:

  • Write original and imaginative copy supported by facts and research
  • Edit content based on executive and team feedback
  • Understand our target audience and its preferences 
  • Collaborate with external public relations or marketing professionals 
  • Develop copy strategies and present ideas for consideration
  • Incorporate SEO principles to expand content reach
  • Stay current with audience trends and preferences

Copywriter Requirements:

  • Proven portfolio of experience as a copywriter
  • A clear and creative writing style
  • Knowledge of writing in various formats (such as blog posts, ads, articles)
  • Quick study of business goals and objectives
  • Understanding of general marketing strategies
  • Command of social media and online content creation and distribution 
  • Excellent research skills
  • Flexibility to work irregular hours
  • Experience collaborating with various organizational teams
  • Bachelor’s degree in English, communication, journalism, or a related field

Wage Information

Median Annual Pay:  $60,296 per year 

Annual wages for Copywriters in the top roles in which they worked:

  • Content Manager $64,367

  • Social Media Manager $55,199

  • Content Manager $48,729

* Source for wage information: Glassdoor

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