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HR Generalist Job Description

The HR Generalist serves a pivotal role in the operations of your company’s human resources department, acting as a manager, recruiter, trainer, guide and more. The broad range of responsibilities that an HR Generalist can perform requires flexibility and excellent project management skills. Your HR Generalist will be an integral member of your team, working to improve the workplace for your employees while helping you identify the next best hires for any open positions.

Your HR Generalist job description will typically be your first point of contact with your candidate audience. How you communicate the information in your job description will shape how potential candidates perceive the job duties, the value of the role to the company, the company culture, the organization of the hiring process, and the like.

In a competitive marketplace, you want your job description to stand out so the most qualified candidates will be intrigued and motivated to apply. It’s about making an awesome first impression, and simply throwing together a generic job description won’t cut it. By putting extra time and attention into how you research, draft, and post your job description, you can make a big difference in the quality of applications and resumes you receive back.

The job description template below will help you get started. Modify the template as needed to fit your particular business and job.

HR Generalist Job Description Template

Our company is seeking an energetic and motivational HR Generalist to join our human resources department. The ideal candidate has worked in HR for at least five years and possesses excellent interpersonal and communication skills that have been refined through relevant experience. They are intuitive and expressive, able to identify problems and set goals independently while collaborating with their colleagues, job candidates and employees.

The ideal candidate is impeccably organized and comfortable working on multiple tasks simultaneously. They can easily prioritize and think strategically to make the best decisions for the company and its staff. They must be an approachable and reassuring communicator who is just as happy to lead a presentation as they are to train new hires. Most importantly, the HR Generalist will be passionate about the company’s culture and strive each day to ensure its core values are upheld.

HR Generalist Responsibilities: 

  • Oversee, delegate and assist with all internal HR operations.
  • Develop and maintain organizational guidelines and protocols.
  • Consult with and provide support to employees from multiple divisions to assist with HR-related topics.

  • Implement and utilize HR metrics related to performance management such as employee turnover rates and identifying the need for new hires.

  • Maintain and update all employee electronic records as needed.

  • Implement HR programs that promote a positive work atmosphere.

  • Use social media to recruit talented candidates.

  • Perform recruitment tasks such as running background checks, drafting employment offers and contracts.

  • Guide new employees through every stage of the onboarding process.

  • Organize staff’s quarterly and annual performance reviews.

  • Design team-building exercises that boost morale, strengthen workplace relations and promote the company’s culture.

  • Use HR management software to perform a variety of managerial and organizational tasks.

  • Manage employee benefits packages including health insurance plans, retirement funds, paid time off, vacation and compensation.

  • Provide personal support and guidance in response to all employee concerns and inquiries.

  • Write and distribute internal communications such as newsletters, company policy reminders and updates, and other pertinent information.

  • Meet and collaborate with the HR staff to refine recruitment strategies, and discuss ways to improve employee morale.  

  • Handle all complaints involving sexual harassment, general misconduct, discrimination and harassment, and conduct thorough investigations.

  • Meet with supervisors following a complaint to recommend appropriate disciplinary actions.

  • Ensure the entire human resources division conforms to applicable employment laws, and does not breach rules of confidentiality.

HR Generalist Requirements: 

  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in human resources, business administration or organizational development; candidates with master’s degrees preferred

  • At least three years of work experience as an HR coordinator and two years of managerial experience

  • In-depth knowledge of local, state and federal employment law; Professional in Human Resources (PIHRA) and/or Society of Human Resource Management Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) certification is a plus
  • Highly developed project management skills

  • In-depth knowledge of Google Suite

  • Ability to think strategically and make informed, sometimes difficult decisions

  • Strong interpersonal skills with a friendly and affirming demeanor
  • The ability to act with integrity and discretion at all times and maintain employee confidentiality

Wage Information

Median Annual and Hourly Pay:  $60,880 per year

Annual wages for HR Generalists in the top industries in which they worked:

  • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services $68,620

  • Government $66,350

  • Manufacturing $63,360

  • Employment Services $53,760

  • Healthcare and Social Services $52,140

* Source for wage information: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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