Marketing Manager Job Description Template


Marketing Manager Job Description

A Marketing Manager leads the marketing, executive, creative and finance teams in the development and implementation of strategies to promote the company’s brands.

Your Marketing Manager job description will typically be your first point of contact with your candidate audience. How you communicate the information in your job description will shape how potential candidates perceive the job duties, the value of the role to the company, the company culture, the organization of the hiring process, and the like.

In a competitive marketplace, you want your job description to stand out so the most qualified candidates will be intrigued and motivated to apply. It’s about making an awesome first impression, and simply throwing together a generic job description won’t cut it. By putting extra time and attention into how you research, draft, and post your job description, you can make a big difference in the quality of applications and resumes you receive back. 

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The job description template below will help you get started. Modify the template as needed to fit your particular business and job.

Marketing Manager Job Description Template

We are searching for an energetic Marketing Manager to develop and implement marketing strategies that will attract new customers to our business and retain current ones. The successful candidate will have a highly diversified skill set to analyze products and services, devise pricing strategies, prepare and present marketing plans, experiment with a variety of marketing channels, establish marketing budgets, and measure campaign outcomes.

This role requires exceptional leadership and communication skills. You will oversee our marketing team while collaborating with executive, creative and finance teams to build consensus for proposed marketing plans. We are looking for a candidate who can combine strong critical thinking skills with a uniquely creative vision for sharing our message with target audiences. The capacity to thrive in a fast-paced environment under tight deadlines is a must. 

Marketing Manager Responsibilities:

  • Prepare and implement marketing plans to generate sales and build brand loyalty
  • Analyze target audiences for segmentation, behavior, and product or service demand 
  • Experiment with various organic and paid digital marketing channels like content creation, social media, and pay per click
  • Plan and direct product and publicity events
  • Maintain an active company blog
  • Work with our advertising team to develop advertising and promotional materials
  • Establish and adhere to marketing budgets
  • Utilize software tools to track campaign data such as web traffic sources, cost per lead, conversion rates, and click thru rates 
  • Prepare and present reports to management teams 
  • Monitor trends for ideas on product or service development
  • Analyze competitors and monitor consumer trends
  • Stay current on emerging marketing techniques and channels 

Marketing Manager Requirements:

  • Highly diversified marketing background 
  • Extensive knowledge of web analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Webtrends
  • Hands on experience with marketing project management software like Basecamp, Workfront and Asana
  • Command of methodologies for target audience research and analysis
  • Excellent critical thinking skills and keen attention to detail
  • Superior verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong creative sense and ability to evaluate copy
  • Extensive experience with budget creation and management
  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications or related field

Wage Information

Median Annual Pay:  $147,240

Annual wages for Marketing Managers in the top industries in which they worked:

  • Scientific Research and Development Services $146,890 

  • Cable and Other Subscription Programming $184,770

  • Motion Picture and Video Industries $168,860

  • Oil and Gas Extraction $137,620 

  • Cut and Sew Apparel Manufacturing S175,850 

* Source for wage information: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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