Project Engineer Job Description Template


Project Engineer Job Description

Your Project Engineer oversees the development, production and management of all your company’s major projects. They coordinate with a variety of staff and serve as the primary communication source between professional team members and clients. They act as managers and developers, ensuring that every project is completed on time and within budget while maintaining sustainability and safety measures.

Your Project Engineer job description will typically be your first point of contact with your candidate audience. How you communicate the information in your job description will shape how potential candidates perceive the job duties, the value of the role to the company, the company culture, the organization of the hiring process, and the like.

In a competitive marketplace, you want your job description to stand out so the most qualified candidates will be intrigued and motivated to apply. It’s about making an awesome first impression, and simply throwing together a generic job description won’t cut it. By putting extra time and attention into how you research, draft, and post your job description, you can make a big difference in the quality of applications and resumes you receive back.

The job description template below will help you get started. Modify the template as needed to fit your particular business and job.

Project Engineer Job Description Template 

We are looking for an experienced project engineer to join our team. If you are a detail-oriented, highly driven and self-motivated professional, we would love to hear from you. As one of our project engineers, you will become a part of a supportive team that values integrity, innovation and transparency. We collaborate with one another as much as our contractors to develop projects that are as cutting-edge as they are reliable.

This role requires experience in project management and leadership skills. You must be comfortable taking direction but independent and intrinsically motivated. As an engineer, you are willing to tackle inevitable obstacles head-on and work with your team to craft quick and effective solutions. Keeping others on-track is as equally important to you as forming meaningful professional relationships. If this sounds like you, please submit your resume with a cover letter explaining your interest in the position.

Project Engineer Responsibilities:

  • Manage all projects’ procurement schedules.
  • Collaborate with senior engineers to improve measures and sustainability.
  • Track the progress of all current projects and coordinate their schedules.
  • Review project proposals and provide detailed feedback.
  • Prepare cost estimates and track project budgets.
  • Establish project parameters (time, cost, quality and quantity) to create project specifications and schedules.

  • Evaluate projects routinely to ensure they are on time, within their budget and performing well.

  • Create test methods that will be used to measure project performance, efficacy and ensure standards.

  • Resolve problems among teams, troubleshoot issues and escalate any complications to the appropriate professional when they exceed your scope of knowledge and expertise.

  • Craft targeted project specifications, including phases and elements of design.

  • Assign project elements to staff and designate individual and group objectives.
  • Review contractor bids, hire new contractors and handle all contracts related to the projects.

  • Collect, analyze, interpret and translate data into meaningful results presented in routine status reports.
  • Conduct industry research to stay current and quickly generate new ideas based on trending topics.

  • Monitor the quality of projects throughout development and develop any necessary interventions that are within budget and do not off-set the deadline.

  • Ensure compliance to all applicable codes and QA/QC policy standards.
  • Sequence project elements and develop measures for effectively tracking all project schedules advancement.
  • Implement, run and review test results to ensure project performance and reliability.

  • Identify potential challenges and draft preliminary response measures.

  • Work closely with project managers to provide updates, answer questions and implement changes as needed.

  • Manage, update and maintain project database.

  • Monitor the work environment to ensure it is always clean, safe and up to code and regulations.

  • Occasionally consult with clients and translate their needs into actionable project plans and deliverables.

Project Engineer Requirements: 

  • A bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, construction management, architecture or a related field.

  • At least five years of verifiable work experience in a project management role.

  • An active and valid engineering license.
  • Extensive project planning and managerial experience.
  • EIT certification preferred.

  • Familiarity with database maintenance.

  • Exemplary MS Office skills.

Wage Information

Median Annual Wages:  $87,060 per year

Annual wages for Project Engineers in the top industries in which they worked:

  • Federal government, excluding the postal service $95,380

  • Local government, excluding schools and hospitals $93,380

  • State government, excluding schools and hospitals $82,030

  • Engineering firms $87,710

  • Non-residential construction $76,340

    * Source for wage information:  Bureau of Labor Statistics

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