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Teacher Assistant Job Description

Teacher Assistants help teachers manage their classrooms and provide one-on-one attention to students. In addition to helping with classroom activities, a Teacher Assistant also works with students in small groups or individually to provide additional instruction, tutoring and support. A Teacher Assistant will not only have a passion for education and a love of working with children, they will also be detail-oriented, a good multi-tasker, and be comfortable with the fast-paced classroom environment.

Your Teacher Assistant job description will typically be your first point of contact with your candidate audience. How you communicate the information in your job description will shape how potential candidates perceive the job duties, the value of the role to the company, the company culture, the organization of the hiring process, and the like.

In a competitive marketplace, you want your job description to stand out so the most qualified candidates will be intrigued and motivated to apply. It’s about making an awesome first impression, and simply throwing together a generic job description won’t cut it. By putting extra time and attention into how you research, draft, and post your job description, you can make a big difference in the quality of applications and resumes you receive back.

The job description template below will help you get started. Modify the template as needed to fit your particular business and job.

Teacher Assistant Job Description Template

We are currently looking to hire a passionate, upbeat and friendly Teacher Assistant to join our school’s faculty. Are you a lifelong learner who wants to pass your love of education onto a younger generation? Do you have experience working with children and teaching? If so, we would love to meet you! You will be responsible for supporting our staff and serving a vital role in our students’ lives. 

Our Teacher Assistant will wear many hats in the classroom, including assisting the head instructor with lesson plans, maintaining a clean classroom, organizing supplies, and providing compassionate, positive support to students. The Teacher Assistant will have working experience in a classroom environment and a strong understanding of teaching methods and learning theories. Most importantly, they will love interacting with students and be capable of maintaining a friendly demeanor in order to cultivate a nurturing and engaging classroom atmosphere. 

Teacher Assistant Responsibilities:  

  • Collaborate with lead teachers to create lesson plans and prepare classroom activities.
  • Gather and prepare instructional materials, and rearrange the classroom as necessary for student participation.

  • Review lesson material with students in small groups or one-on-one to provide guidance and clarification of subject material.

  • Keep updated records of students’ attendance, grades and progress.

  • Monitor student behavior during independent work and identify any students who may require remedial assistance or additional instruction.

  • Welcome students every morning with a smile and help them prepare to leave at the end of the day.

  • Supervise students during lunch, recess and breaks.

  • Maintain a clean, safe and hazard-free classroom environment at all times.

  • Kindly but diligently enforce school rules, and ensure students present themselves according to the school’s standards.

  • Model appropriate behavior to students through patience, empathetic conduct, and clear, kind and respectful communication.

  • Check students’ homework.

  • Observe students during classroom activities to provide guidance and answer any questions.

  • Take notes during classroom instruction to provide a thorough overview of each student’s performance and progress.

  • Meet with the teacher after work to discuss notes and observations taken during the day.

  • Seek guidance from staff for any student-related concerns.

  • Act as a mentor to students with hands-on, positive interactions at all times.

  • Assist lead teachers with a variety of activities on an as-needed basis, including grading assignments, updating grade books, writing progress reports, and corresponding with parents.

  • Provide extra care and attention to students who are struggling or have special needs.

  • Reinforce concepts through activities and engagement.  

  • Cultivate a love of learning by encouraging students to keep trying and affirming their efforts.  

  • Communicate with teachers and parents on students’ progress and report any important observations regarding their behavior or needs. 

Teacher Assistant Requirements:  

  • An understanding of child development from birth through adolescence, including common behaviors and challenges children face at different ages

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Experience working in a classroom or as a tutor
  • Strong organizational skills to keep lesson plans and materials in order at all times

  • Patience and the ability to maintain composure and act compassionately with children, especially during stressful periods or when students are not behaving appropriately

  • Ability to manage challenging behavior and guide students’ actions toward more desirable outcomes

  • A professional but approachable demeanor that students feel comfortable around and parents can trust
  • Adaptability and comfort with last-minute change and a fast-paced learning environment

  • An associate’s or bachelor’s degree in education, English or a similar discipline 

Wage Information

Median Annual Pay:  $26,970 per year

Annual wages for Teacher Assistants in the the top industries in which they worked:

  • Public Elementary and Secondary schools $27,700

  • Private Elementary and Secondary schools $26,820

  • Child daycare facilities $23,540

* Source for wage information: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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